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Dear Marie,


Thanks for the input. Please see the responses inline to your bullets below, in blue. Please let me know of course if you still have questions, comments or concerns.


I will send around a proposed final red-line and clean copy in a bit for non-objection.







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Steve, all


Many thanks for this and apologies for missing your deadline. If still useful, some points that my former NomCom colleagues have raised:

We have to be conscious that in the past there have been complaints by some NomCom appointees about the volume of work required by the GNSO because they underestimated the responsibilities attached to the role – we need to be sure this is clear upfront. It is important that the GNSO clearly spells out the time requirement for the role so that interested candidates determine if they can volunteer for the required hours.

SC: There is some language already in the updated draft that talks about time commitments. If you or others believe that additional guidance is needed, please let me know and it can hopefully be integrated.

In this round, the NomCom would be filling both seats for voting appointees in each house of the GNSO, so please note that contrary to the edits in the current GNSO criteria, the voting NCAs, under the GNSO operating principles, are not eligible to become Chair of the Council - only the non-voting NCA can do that, in the event that both houses cannot reach a compromise on who would be Chair.

SC: Staff’s reading of the Bylaws and GNSO Operating Procedures is actually a bit different. Section 2.2.b of the GNSO Operating Procedures state that:


“Each house will be allowed to nominate one candidate for GNSO Council Chair. Each house is responsible for determining how to nominate its candidate. A candidate for GNSO Council Chair does not need to be a member of a house, but must be a current or incoming member of the GNSO Council. Should a Chair be elected from outside of the houses that Chair will be a non-voting Chair.”


And section 11.3.a (v) of the ICANN Bylaws state that:


“three representatives selected by the ICANN Nominating Committee, one of which shall be non-voting, but otherwise entitled to participate on equal footing with other members of the GNSO Council including, e.g. the making and seconding of motions and of serving as Chair if elected. One Nominating Committee appointee voting representative shall be assigned to each House (as described in Section 11.3(h)) by the Nominating Committee.”


Taken collectively, this seems to indicate that the two voting NomCom appointees, that are assigned to the respective Houses, could be the nominated Chair candidate from a House. The non-voting NCA is also eligible to Chair as you point out and if that were the case, would remain non-voting.

As the Council's business is conducted in English, it should indeed be a requirement that candidates can converse, write and understand English.

This remains part of the requirements – it was merely shifted underneath “skillset”.



Hope this helps!



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Dear Steve, dear colleagues


Happy new year!!

Steve I added some text to the shared document.


Many thanks and best regards



El mié, 23 dic 2020 a las 16:08, Steve Chan (<steve.chan at icann.org>) escribió:

Dear Councilors,


The GNSO Council was invited to review the position description that the ICANN Nominating Committee uses in order to fulfill its appointments to the GNSO Council. You can find the position description for the 2020 cycle here: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/nomcom2020-positions-2020-01-13-en#gnso [icann.org]. The position description is of course an important piece of guidance for the NomCom, to ensure that it appoints GNSO Councilors that will succeed in their role.


Staff, in coordination with Council leadership, has taken that existing description and dropped it into a Google document, where it has undergone some preliminary redlines. A fair amount of those edits are mostly structural, to have the position description look more like a job description (e.g., separating out criteria and skillset and also separating out job responsibilities and time commitment). You can find that redline here, where you are invited to add in your own suggested edits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzjvntnliTSZ43b0hJkhh_Hb2onzxXufmTnZJCEyGjU/edit?usp=sharing [docs.google.com]. 


The target date to receive and integrate feedback as appropriate is early January.


Finally and most importantly, happy holidays to you all!








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