[council] GNSO Council Absence Notification Form: Tatiana Tropina

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Sat Sep 18 14:01:26 UTC 2021

Full Name of Officer:
Bruna Martins dos Santos

Officer Email Address:
bruna.mrtns at gmail.com

Date Prepared:
18 September 2021

GNSO Organization:
Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group

Officer Position or Title:

Name of Absent Councilor:
Tatiana Tropina

Voting Remedy:

Proxy Information

Reason(s) for or condition(s) leading to the remedy:
Tatiana Tropina has to attend another event that conflicts with the GNSO Council meeting on September 23 2021.

Specific subject(s)/measure(s)/motion(s)/action(s) of the Council for which the remedy is being exercised:
All items on Council agenda for 23 September, 2021 requiring a vote or affirmation. 

Date upon which the remedy will expire or terminate:
24 September 2021

I affirm that a voting position has been established on the matter(s) at issue pursuant to provisions contained in our Charter or Bylaws.

Our GNSO Councilor has been instructed on how to vote on the matter(s).

Full Name of GNSO Councilor Serving as Voting Proxy:
Tomslin Samme-Nlar

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I Agree

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