[council] Review of the GNSO job description for NomCom

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I am puzzled about the proposed addition ‘preferences will be given to candidates who are not affiliated with a SO/AC or GNSO Stakeholder Group or Constituency’, especially as you propose to delete that an applicant must act in the larger public interest, which is a key goal of ICANN. Can Council Leadership articulate with greater precision and detail the precise nature of their concerns?  Also, it seems a rarity to find someone with the appropriate depth of experience within ICANN needed to be effective at Council who is also unaffiliated with any of ICANN’s various groups.  Is there a list of such unaffiliated persons from which to draw future nominations?  The IPC is not aware of any such list.
Isn’t there a risk that appointed candidates with no apparent connection, refrain from playing an active role ? Are we not better served if members show up and actively engage ?




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Hi Philippe,

I agree with the changes included in the document you shared and  also agree with those changes suggested by Marie.

Best regards

El vie, 17 sept 2021 a las 12:54, Marie Pattullo - AIM via council (<council at gnso.icann.org<mailto:council at gnso.icann.org>>) escribió:
Thanks, Philippe.

Some very minor suggestions from the BC:

●        Attend monthly GNSO Council meetings held remotely.
●        Willingness, ability, and commitment to travel to and actively participate in ICANN's three Public Meetings per year, or participate virtually, if applicable, as well as attend all monthly remote Council meetings, and serve as a volunteer on the Council throughout the term.

(specifying these are calls and do not require travel)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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Subject: [council] Review of the GNSO job description for NomCom

Dear Councilors,

Some of you may be aware that in recent years, the GNSO Council is invited on an annual basis to review the job description that the ICANN Nominating Committee uses in order to fulfil its appointments to the GNSO Council. The job description is a critical piece of guidance for the NomCom to ensure that it appoints GNSO Councilors that will succeed in their role. In an effort to try and make the job descriptions consistent across the various community organization, ICANN org made non-substantive updates to the job description structure. Council leadership has used this as the starting point for this review cycle. There is a window of opportunity for such a review, so we would like to use it lest this be deferred to a much later stage.

The GNSO Council has made incremental improvements to the criteria each year, and it is with the goal to continually refine the guidance to the NomCom that Council leadership has made suggested redlines in the attached.

You will see that the redlines focus primarily on the affiliation of candidates, where leadership believes that preference should be given towards non-affiliated candidates. This is of particular importance when the appointee will serve as a voting Councilor, where the balance of the Council needs to be considered; voting NomCom appointees may be in position to provide deciding votes, so it is important that they act independently. I want to stress that the suggested redlines are absolutely not in reaction to any particular appointees, recent or not, but rather a conclusion reached over the course of several cycles.

Please review the attached document and provide feedback by the end of this week.

Best regards,



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