[council] FW: SSAD-Light is a step in the wrong direction

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Dear Coucilors,

As noted in the chat of our call earlier to day and for transparency for those (presumably few) who wouldn't have been in the list, please note Steves's comment.



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Objet : SSAD-Light is a step in the wrong direction

[Email addresses for Antonia Chu and Mark Datysgeld weren't available.  Please forward to them.]


Tomorrow you will consider the "SSAD-Light" proposal from the Small Team.  I think we all share great frustration in achieving a consensus toward developing an effective system for access to registration data directory services.  Unfortunately, this proposal is not only a not solution, it is not a helpful step in the right direction.

I recognize how awkward and uncomfortable it is to be told the plan won't work without also having a viable alternative.  Nonetheless, that's the current state of affairs.  The flaws in both the SSAD and the SSAD Light have been stated repeatedly.  The stated goals of both systems are not aligned with the proposed designs.

ICANN's multistakeholder process embodies the positive quality of attempting to include all the relevant stakeholders.  That's admirable but not sufficient.  It does not protect us from agreeing on nonsense.

The best and only proper action for you to take is to send it back to both the small team and Org with instructions to try harder.

Steve Crocker
SSAC member
Former ICANN board chair
Member of the GNSO Phase 2A, Accuracy Scoping Team, SSAD ODA, and SSAD Small Teams


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