[council] Follow up on AOB 8.3 - Working Group Self Assessment for EPDP SCRP for IGOs - Proposed pilot of updated questions recommended by the CCOICI

Emily Barabas emily.barabas at icann.org
Thu Apr 14 19:26:08 UTC 2022

Dear Councilors,

As discussed under AOB during the today’s Council call, staff is preparing to launch a Working Group Self Assessment for the EPDP on Specific Curative Rights Protections for IGOs. As you will recall, the CCOICI has recently recommended a series of improvements to the WGSA. Council leadership has proposed that we use this opportunity to incorporate some of the improvements into the EPDP SCRP IGO WGSA as a “soft launch” of the updates. This pilot would provide an opportunity for the CCOICI to incorporate any further changes based on the feedback received before the updates are finalized.

As mentioned during our meeting, Council has not yet officially approved the CCOICI recommendations. A public comment period will be first held on the proposed updates to the Operating Procedures associated with the CCOICI report along with outputs of the SOI Task Force.

If you have any objections to piloting updated questions for the upcoming WGSA, please raise them on list no later than Friday 22 April.

Kind regards,

Marika, Julie, and Emily

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