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Hi Susan- a couple of comments and questions here:

As discussed in the council meeting, the broader community has already provided input on bulk transfers in their initial feedback to the small team (see feedback from ALAC as an example).  The point of this letter is to consult registrars who actually interact with registrants to facilitate the registrations.  I don’t believe addressing this letter more widely aligns with the intent of the Small Team recommendations.

When you say member input- do you mean asking registrars in the letter for a definition or taking this question back to the small team?

Adding some non-exhaustive illustrative examples of bulk transfers makes sense to me.

On letter 2, I don’t believe the small team recommends contractual revision, it just highlights potential issues with the contract and recommends consulting with contracted parties.  Can you provide the language your referring to?

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Thanks Steve and Marika, and to the leadership team, for the draft letters.  I have proposed a few edits:

Letter 1 – Bulk Registration

I think it would be helpful to give a couple of non-exhaustive examples of the type of measures we are thinking of, for the third bullet.

I have also suggested we specifically ask for member-input on the definition of bulk registration, if there is no agreed group definition.

Finally, a question, arising from an IPC member’s input, which I have included as a comment.  I think there may be some benefit to addressing this letter more widely, including to the ccNSO and IPC/BC, all of whom might have relevant input to inform on this issue of the impact of bulk registrations.

Letter 2 - DNS Abuse Reporting / Action & Enforcement

With regard to the Suggested Standards document, I don’t think the draft reflects the Small Team recommendation, which is to encourage this work to be taken forward, together with ICANN Compliance, not simply to be given an update if this is pursued.

I hope these suggestions make sense, but happy to elaborate if required.


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Dear All,

Per yesterday’s discussion, we’ve worked with the DNS Abuse small team leadership to add a sentence to the letters on bulk registrations to ask respondents to share their definition of bulk registration as part of their input. Please review and provide any further feedback you may have by Tuesday 20 December at the latest. The staff support team intends to send these out shortly thereafter.

Best regards,

Steve & Marika

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Subject: [council] For review - DNS Abuse letters

Dear All,

Per the action items from the last meeting, the leadership of the DNS Abuse small team and Council leadership collaborated on the following letters communicating the outcome of the vote on the DNS Abuse small team report to the different parties: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f8NniEmpxcaO2PMBkQFED7uabME1-cYK/edit?pli=1 [docs.google.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/docs.google.com/document/d/1f8NniEmpxcaO2PMBkQFED7uabME1-cYK/edit?pli=1__;!!PtGJab4!8cteo4hahYRq2Cu4kklllCgN-TWDlPzZtDOiG7xaH8BeSKAmGDifkBqbxmJRLibDyg_I88GGEk3doLLcRjTLVjqQXki4fQ$>. We’ll add an AOB item for the upcoming Council meeting to consider any input / next steps.

Best regards,

Steve & Marika
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