[CPWG] EPDP: “Access” vs. “Disclosure”

Greg Shatan greg at isoc-ny.org
Mon May 20 15:23:45 UTC 2019

All (but esp. Alan & Hadia),

I have noted the ongoing discussion of “access” vs. “disclosure” on the
EPDP mailing list, most recently involving Alan Greenberg, M3 (Mighty
Milton Mueller) and Alan Woods.  Two suggestions if Alan G decides to reply:

1.  The EC, in their letter (which many are parsing closely and believe to
be of great import) refers (approvingly) to the “unified access model.”  If
“access” is good enough for the EC, it’s good enough for us. This can be
pointed out. The EC also implored the EPDP to focus and get its work done
quickly.  Arguments like this are the opposite of that.

2.  If the EPDP wants to maintain a distinction between access for data
subjects and for everybody else, it can use the terms “data subject access”
and “third party access.”  The UAM can become the UTPAM (which is also a
variant spelling for a delicious Indian dosa-like dish (but thicker and
typically served flat with toppings)).  Everyone should be happy at this

Greg Shatan
greg at isoc-ny.org
President, ISOC-NY
*"The Internet is for everyone"*
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