[CPWG] Questions for multistakeholder model diiscussion

Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Tue May 21 17:40:02 UTC 2019

Tomorrow in the CPWG meeting, we will be looking for ideas on how  the 
multistakeholder*processes *currently in effect can be improved. The 
following broad issues were identified -- I have thrown in a few 
questions to promote discussion -- but we need some real suggestions 
about how to move forward.

Precision in scoping -- too wide/too narrow?

Prioritization -- evening out the work flow, identifying which issues 
are most important? Relating that to the cost of implementation. Too 
many urgent items on the table at the same time, not enough volunteers 
to carry the load

Efficient use of resources -- time, money and people -- is there a lot 
of wasteage? How can that be improved? How to ease the volunteer burnout 

Work processes -- do we have adequate tools to do the jobs required? Is 
engagement sporadic? Are team members well briefed and supported? Does 
the MS model, as it is practised at ICANN adequately deal with language 
and cultural barriers?

Costs -- not just financial, but also volunteer time. Would more 
financial resources improve things? Is there enough transparency around 
costing? How are costing and priorizing related?


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