[CPWG] resources for multistakeholder discussion -- CPWG mtg

Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Tue May 21 19:32:27 UTC 2019

Colleagues -- here is an expanded slide deck to support our 
multistakeholder discussions in the CPWG meeting tomorrow. Suggestions 
from last week's meeting have been added. I would only be dealing with a 
subset of these slides tomorrow -- namely the slides around category 2 
-- process.

Just as a reminder -- I boiled the 21 issues down to 4 issues: 
structural, process, participation and intergroup issues.  The 
suggestions around intergroup relations that were made in the last 
meeting are in the slides but here they are waiting for further input:

-- that a definition of multistakeholder processes be developed and that 
it be a key part of on-boarding activities
-- that consensus be clearly defined and that all parties to a policy 
process commit to the the goal of achieving consensus
--  that a culture of trust be supported by consequences for publicly 
disparaging other groups -- such as referring incidents to the ombuds 
-- that power inequities be addressed (too vague and would need more 
detail if we keep it)
--  a commitment by ICANN to fully address the resource needs (both 
financial and human resources) of volunteer groups working in the SO/AC 
communities (this might be too contentious – making ourselves a target 
-- yet does indicate our desire for fairness across the board)


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