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Indeed these are distinct questions; just to add to what Steve and Volker said below that, regarding question 1, indeed one of the GNSO instructions is to ‘take into account’ the EPDP recommendations and purposes reminding us that we cannot alter these purposes since this is a scoping effort and not a PDP; I don’t believe anyone disagrees with that.
However, since this is indeed a scoping and fact finding exercise, GNSO instructions neither prescribe nor imply in any way that we should limit our work to only these purposes. They simply stipulate that we should take them into account.
I believe it will be interesting to find all accuracy / registration data related purposes that are currently listed in the resources we have available.


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There are two distinct questions related to purposes.

  1.  What are the intended purposes?
  2.  Will the validation requirements be sufficient to support the purposes?
I don't have any problem with using the EPDP-identified purposes to answer the first question.  The question that I believe is within scope for the scoping of accuracy work is the second question.


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Hi all,

during the last call, Steve asked about the purpose for the data, but I do not think that defining should concern for even a second of our work as the council was explicit in their instructions to that regard:
"In carrying out its work above, the Scoping Team is expected to take into account the policy recommendations from the EPDP on gTLD Registration Data (EPDP) Team that have been adopted by the GNSO Council and the ICANN Board, including the EPDP-identified purposes and the related data processing activities. However, the scoping team is not tasked to review these purposes or suggest changes. If the scoping team finds that further review of these purposes is necessary, especially in the context of implementation and enforcement of existing requirements, it will identify this as an area of further work in its recommendations. "

So let's just copy/paste the purposes as defined by the EPDP and be done with it.

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