[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] RrSG-Proposed Definition of Accuracy

Sarah Wyld swyld at tucows.com
Tue Oct 19 12:49:50 UTC 2021

Hello all,
The RrSG members of the Accuracy Scoping team propose the following definition of “accuracy” for domain name registration data, as per our homework assignment:
"Accuracy shall be strictly defined as syntactical accuracy of the registration data elements provided by the Registered Name Holder as well as the operational accuracy of either the telephone number or the email address."
To be determined to be syntactically accurate, the contact must satisfy all requirements for validity (see Whois Accuracy Program Specification Sections 1b-d). E.g. for email addresses, all characters must be permissible, the “@” symbol is required, there must be characters before the “@” symbol (the “local” component), there must be a valid top-level domain at the end, and there must be a valid domain after the “@” symbol, but before a “.” and the valid top-level domain.
To be determined to be operably accurate, the contact must be operable as defined in the Whois Accuracy Program Specification Section f; in other words, the email must be deliverable, the telephone number has to connect without an error message such as that the number is invalid or disconnected, and the postal address must be mailable.
The RAA currently requires validation of syntactical accuracy and verification of operational accuracy for either email or phone.
Thank you,

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