[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Write up for assignment #1 & #2 - addressing outstanding items

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Thu Jun 2 15:59:15 UTC 2022

Dear All,

As discussed during today’s call, the staff support team has gone through the remaining comments in the write up for assignment #1 and #2 and put forward a proposed approach for resolving these remaining comments. You can find these proposed approaches in the attached document highlighted in yellow and numbered. If your group cannot live with the proposed approach, or has an alternative approach that the scoping team should consider, please share these on the mailing list by indicating the number of the staff support team proposed approach item as well as your rationale and/or alternative proposal. The group can then discuss during next week’s meeting how to address any items that have been flagged.

Please flag any items at the latest by Wednesday 8 June.


Caitlin, Berry and Marika
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