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Maxim Alzoba m.alzoba at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 17:08:02 UTC 2021

Hi Edmon, 

I think that the role of the Vice Chair in this EPDP is of a purely administrative nature
(to replace the Chair if the need arises for the particular meeting, 
to help preparing draft of papers inline with the numerous recommendations about PDP before handling it to the GNSO supporting ICANN staff, 
which requires experience in handling GNSO procedures and basically reading the whole set
of GNSO documents devoted to PDPs/Council in addition to the reading the charter.)

So I suggest we look at SOIs and check the relevant experience in GNSO WG or Council work.

The said experience could be gained in around 2-3 months (but I think it could be beneficial to  
use the experience of the person who had already done this in the past (GNSO paperwork cycles / work in the frames of the GNSO PDP Charter e.t.c./ understanding of the 
GNSO Leadership Team work [to whom the WG is responsible with the help of the GNSO Liaison] )).

P.s: I am speaking using my past experience as a RySG representative in the GNSO Standing Selection Committee.

P.P.s: if we feel that we do need to conduct "the temperature of the room" measurements, we
could see what responses are sent by the WG members in around a week to understand the ideas about the selection.

Maxim Alzoba
m.alzoba at gmail.com

> On 12 Aug 2021, at 09:16, Edmon Chung <edmon at registry.asia> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Following up on our discussion at the wg meeting yesterday, am glad that we have two persons willing to serve as the vice chair for the group:
> Donna Austin
> Anil Kumar Jain
> According to the charter of the group however we should select one person to serve as vice chair.
> As a brief note: besides the usual time commitment and familiarity to the topic, given the inter-relations of the IDN matters with various works in the GNSO, it may be important that the person serving as vice chair should also have a good understanding already or is prepared to follow closely such works, e.g. Subpro implementation, review of RPMs, etc.
> Thoughts/suggestions/comments welcome. Please also feel free to add yourself as a candidate for consideration (NOTE that the vice chair of the EPDP should be a "participant" and not a "member", if you are a member you will have to switch yourself to a participant).
> Let's plan to make the decision at the beginning of the next meeting.
> Edmon
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