[Gnso-epdp-idn-team] Proposed Agenda - IDN EPDP Meeting #6 - 16 September 2021

Steve Chan steve.chan at icann.org
Tue Sep 14 18:14:50 UTC 2021

Dear EPDP Team,


Please find below the proposed agenda for our meeting on 16 September 2021 at 13:00 UTC.


For agenda item 3, please see the attached draft project plan. A couple of notes about the project plan, though we will discuss this item in greater detail during the call:
The section that is most relevant to this group at this stage of its work is the “Group Deliberations” section where you will see Topics A-G. The “Current Duration” captured there should be reflective of the survey Edmon conducted with all of you on expected level of effort for each of the topics. The duration is based on business days and assumes this group will meet once a week (e.g., 50 days is equivalent to 10 weeks/10 meetings).
Each of the Topics, A-G, is intended to follow a repeatable process, so they will all look identical in terms of structure/work process. You will see that under Topic A, all of the charter questions are captured under “Deliberate policy issues.” The same has been done for all of the other topics, but we have only expanded Topic A for illustrative purposes, in order to keep the attachment to a reasonable length.
This work plan, once confirmed by this EPDP team, will be provided to the GNSO Council and serve as a commitment by this team; as such, the work plan should represent an achievable timeline, not an aspirational one.
If there is interest in seeing the entire project plan in its entirety, we can provide the full length document (potentially as an Excel sheet, as an alternative format choice).

Under agenda items 5, the group will review the data and metrics requests that the charter drafting team thought might be helpful to this group’s deliberations. See page 19 of the charter here: https://community.icann.org/display/epdpidn/2.+Charter



Emily, Marika, and Steve



IDN EPDP Meeting #6

Proposed Agenda

Roll Call & SOI Updates
Welcome & Chair Updates
Draft Project Plan
Length of meetings
Review of proposed data & metrics requests from the charter
Continue deliberations on Topic A: Consistent definition and technical utilization of RZ-LGR



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