[Gnso-epdp-idn-team] RZ-LGR and DNS stability review

Michael Bauland Michael.Bauland at knipp.de
Wed Sep 29 14:15:25 UTC 2021

Hi Jeff,

thanks for writing down your suggestion for the challenge process.

If I understand this correctly you say that once the next round started,
no one will be able to challenge (or dispute, or whatever the correct
expression is) the RZ-LGR in order for the current application to be
accepted, but instead they have to wait until the next round.

If that's the case, I tend to disagree. If I apply for a TLD and the
RZ-LGR says: No. Then I should have to opportunity to get that fixed in
the current round without the need to (i) wait another 10 years and (ii)
pay the application fee once again. After all, it's not my fault that
the RZ-LGR was incorrect/incomplete (yes, I could have contended it,
when it got published, but as you say, the majority of all people is not
aware of what's happening here).

A simple example would be, that I would like to apply for a TLD in a
script for which no Generation Panel has been created and therefore the
script is simply not contained in the current RZ-LGR version.

Of course, fixing the RZ-LGR might not be possible in a few weeks or
even months, but I think my application should remain on hold (and
possibly also other applications that might be considered variants of
mine) until either my the RZ-LGR challenge has been accepted or rejected.

There is of course a problem with the determination of potential variant
TLDs in the same round for my TLD, if my TLD's script is not yet
contained in the RZ-LGR, but I guess in that case the similarity review
team will have to take care of that somehow.

Best regards,


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