[Gnso-epdp-team] Agenda of the First Meeting

Kavouss Arasteh kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 08:25:01 UTC 2018

Dear Kurt

Thank you again for your efforts to organize the first meeting

1. Further to your earlier action to suppress the verbal introduction by
each member and replace it to written statement, I suggest that you also
eliminate verbal presentation of statements by each constituency and
replace it by a written one.

This will economize the precious time as well.

If some constituency are not ready for a short written statement today, you
would kindly extend the time limit by the next meeting .That also would
economies the time.

2. On the timing and duration, I strongly maintain my earlier proposal that
any meeting which lasts more than 90 minutes would be less efficient at the
end. I have had such experience in CCWG accountability that some meeting
were even more than 2 hours and totally inefficient as we have had to allow
a short break which in fact reduced the available useful time .As for the
frequency of the meeting, once again I believe two times per week is also
too much, we need to reflect on the matter. I think one meeting of 90
minutes per week on fixed day of the week with rotation in time zone would
be sufficient.

More time for reflection and efficient less time for adobe room.

3. You need to also establish some discipline on intervention time.

Each intervention should be limited to maximum five minutes. Second
intervention of the same person on the same topic should not be more than 3
minutes. The third and the last should be limited to 1 minute only

Repetitive and long interventions from an individual, no matter how expert
that person would be, create monopoly of the adobe room.

4. I suggest making every possible effort to maintain a friendly atmosphere
for the meeting, no criticism, no attack, no allegation, no division of
ideas and no discrimination between the constituencies.

We may disagree with each other but present such disagreement with civility
and not….

No personal attack at any rate and at any circumstances.

Should there be any issue to resolve, that must be resolved with you AS THE
CHAIR There should be no complaint to to anyone outside the EPDP Team AT
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