[Gnso-epdp-team] Notes prior to the EPDP call

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Wed Aug 1 13:53:16 UTC 2018

Hello Kurt,
Hello everyone,

I am Trang Nguyen, ICANN org’s appointed GDD liaison to the ePDP Working Group. The area of my responsibility that is most relevant to this ePDP is oversight of RDS related activities to ensure coordination and effective/efficient implementations. I look forward to working with all of you toward an expeditious outcome.

Trang Nguyen
VP, GDD Strategic Programs
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Hello Everyone:

I hope you don’t mind that I write to you informally from time to time on matters that come to mind where I think it would be of benefit to communicate immediately and not wait for meetings.

In the interest of the meeting tomorrow going smoothly, I want to call your attention to one item in the agenda and “Welcome” note that were sent yesterday.

We have replaced the typical introductory remarks where we go around the table and allow each member to introduce themselves. That would take over an hour of the two-hour session and I want to make better use of your time.

Instead, 2-3 minutes will be allotted to each group to describe its goals for this collaboration and whatever else the members want to describe:e.g.,  the names of the members or any challenges / opportunities they face. Please select a member of your group to speak for all of you. I have also asked that each member send in a brief “bio” (2-4 sentences) that we can post in the team wiki pages. (We have received one so far.)

Thank you for making this adjustment.

Also, I aspire to start the meeting right at the appointed hour. Please login to the meeting slightly before that time. I have sat through many meetings that start late, calculating the combined hourly rate of attendees waiting for the meeting to start. Thanks in advance for making your best efforts here. I certainly understand you have professional matters that must be addressed and might delay your entry from time to time.

I hope you found this useful. I welcome your feedback at anytime. My contact information is below.



Kurt Pritz
kurt at kjpritz.com
Skype: kjpritz
WeChat: kjpritz

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