[Gnso-epdp-team] Triage Survey - Part 1

Anderson, Marc mcanderson at verisign.com
Fri Aug 3 18:19:35 UTC 2018

Kurt and all,

I'm in the process of working through all the sections that make up part 1 of the triage survey.  In order to make sure I properly understand the deliverable I went back to charter and re-read the section on the first deliverable (triage document).  For ease of reference here is the section:

The first deliverable of the EPDP Team shall be a triage document of the Temporary Specification, which includes items that have the Full Consensus support of the EPDP Team that these should be adopted as is (with no further discussion or modifications needed). These items need to be:

********* In the body of the Temporary Specification (not in the Annex)

********* Within the "picket fence" (per limitations on Consensus Policy as set out in the Contracts)

********* Not obviously in violation of the GDPR / Assumed to be compliant with GDPR [Presumed to be legal according to the members' best knowledge of GDPR]

********* Consistent with ICANN's Bylaws

Deliberations of this first deliverable should include at least one round of elimination of clauses, if appropriate, and a second round of Full Consensus approval of a whole set of clauses.

In short for the first deliverable we ae tasked to identify what sections of the Temporary Specification should be included, as is, in the final consensus policy recommendations of this working group.

Looking at part 1 of the triage survey, the questions include a box to fill out for sections the constituency does NOT support as is.  This to me implies that the purpose of this triage survey is not just to inform discussions on the first triage report deliverable, but also the second "Initial Report" deliverable.  To make sure everyone is on the same page could you clarify the purpose of this triage survey and how it will be used.

Thank you,


Marc Anderson

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