[Gnso-epdp-team] Draft Agenda - 7 August 2018 EPDP Team Meeting

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Dear EPDP Team Members, 


Apologies for the additional email, but please note that the reference in the previous email to Annex A should read Appendix A. This has been corrected below.


Best regards,






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Dear EPDP Team Members, 


Please find a draft agenda for our next meeting on Tuesday, 7 August at 13:00UTC below.


Best regards,


Marika, Berry, and Caitlin



AGENDA: EPDP on Registration Data Temporary Specification, 7 August, 13:00 UTC


The meeting scheduled for 7 Aug, 13:00UTC will center on the results of the first survey section found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CC6F9F8 


Before reviewing the agenda please note that: 
Obviously, there is not time to complete this agenda in this one meeting. We will break at a suitable point. In creating this agenda, we did not see the purpose in trying to pre-determine when that might be
Depending on survey results, discussions on some sections might be allotted more or less time 
Roll Call & SOI Updates (5 min) 
Overview of EPDP Input Survey Part 1 Results (5 minutes)
Substantive discussion of Temporary Specification 

The format for each of these discussions will be to divide the survey in half and discuss each in turn. Therefore, the discussion of the survey results is divided into two parts: 
Sections in the main body of the Specification (Sections 1-4)
The Appendix A: Registration Data Directory Services

Each group should target five minutes to discuss reasons for approval or edits with any of the sections of the Temporary Specification. If there are differences that appear immediately resolvable, we will take the time for a brief discussion toward that end. 


Each group will be called in random order (GNSO constituencies and stakeholder groups first). If you have a reason for speaking first (or some other place in the order), please inform the Chair or Support Team with the reason why so that might be accommodated. For example, when we discuss Transfers, we might allow the registrars to speak first as they best understand the mechanics of that process.

Sections 1 – 4 (55 minutes)

1 Scope

2 Definitions and Interpretations

3 Policy Effective Date

4 Lawfulness and Purposes of Processing gTLD Registration Data

Appendix A (55 minutes)

Registration Data Directory Services


In each case for A & B, we will summarize the Temporary Specification provisions of potential agreement and discuss a plan to address provisions that diverge.

Wrap and confirm next meeting to be scheduled for Thursday 8 August at 13.00 UTC  


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