[Gnso-epdp-team] For your review: draft data retention text

Caitlin Tubergen caitlin.tubergen at icann.org
Fri Nov 9 18:45:19 UTC 2018

Dear EPDP Team:


In advance of our meeting on Tuesday, 13 November, we are sharing the draft data redaction text for the Initial Report. The draft language is currently included in the draft Initial Report. This language aims to reflect the deliberations and different positions, but has not been confirmed yet by the EPDP Team. The redlines in the document denote proposed copy edits and clarifications from the EPDP Leadership Team and support staff. 

In reading through the draft attached text, please keep the following questions in mind:

Are there any concerns or issues in relation to the proposed language for inclusion in the Initial Report? If so, please indicate concerns or issues with proposed modification, taking into account the deliberations to date (e.g. if your position is not in line with what is reflected here, please provide language that can be added to reflect your position instead of proposing changes that are unlikely to be supported by the rest of the group based on previous discussions). 
In relation to registrant contact mechanism, should Temporary Specification requirements remain in place (“Registrar must provide an email address or a web form to facilitate email communication with the relevant contact”)? If not, please provide your rationale and indicate what improvements / changes could be considered. 
Is the proposed modification by the NCSG acceptable for inclusion in the Final Report?

Please come to our next meeting on Tuesday, 13 November prepared to discuss.


Thank you.

Best regards,


Marika, Berry, and Caitlin




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