[Gnso-epdp-team] Next face-to-face meeting

Alan Woods alan at donuts.email
Mon Oct 29 12:49:48 UTC 2018

Since we are all providing unavailbilities, I am unavailable the week of
the 21st Jan.

Agreed that January generally would be better than December, and I would
agree that an EMEA location may be best all considering.


On Mon 29 Oct 2018 at 11:17, Thomas Rickert <epdp at gdpr.ninja> wrote:

> Hi Kurt, all,
> Let me join those who are in favor of holding a meeting in Jan. I have a
> commitment in Germany I cannot move on Jan 15th, so I might need to join
> remotely if the meeting is in that week. We have not yet discussed how long
> the meeting shall be, so the later in the week, the higher the chances I
> can be with you throughout the entire meeting. I would be ok with traveling
> on Wed, meeting Thurs to Sat as well. The last two weeks of Jan would work
> for me entirely.
> As regards location, I would really defer to staff and our leadership to
> make a decision taking into account cost efficiency and potential synergies
> with other meetings. As you can see from my comments above, I as many
> others have limitations affecting their availability and I am happy to join
> remotely if need be.
> Best,
> Thomas
> Am 26.10.2018 um 08:48 schrieb Kurt Pritz <kurt at kjpritz.com>:
> Hi Everyone:
> Thank you again for your time, effort and thought during the ICANN
> meeting. While others were visiting the various great sites that Barcelona
> has to offer, we were all not visiting the various great sites that
> Barcelona has to offer.
> Yesterday, I met with Nick Tomasso who heads the ICANN meetings team to
> develop some options for the next face-to-face meeting. At various times
> during the past week, many of you approached me with the following points:
>    - Our results are significantly better in a face-to-face format
>    - The proverbial clock is ticking
>    - We should strive to maintain the momentum we have, therefore
>    - We should hold our next meeting as soon as possible.
> With that in mind, Nick said he could support the following two options, a
> meeting
>    - In the first or second week in December
>    - In the second or third week of January
> [Meetings less than 90 days away require Göran’s approval, but Nick
> believes he can obtain this. Nick is checking on venues with which he is
> familiar in Brussels now, although the meeting location is not certain.]
> I am of two minds on this but do have an opinion and would appreciate your
> feedback over the next few days so that I can get back to Nick the first of
> next week.
> 1) The January meeting is more or less timed for us to take into account
> the first round of public comment.
> 2) Te December meeting allows us to keep working after the initial report
> is issued (or to wrap up the initial report in the worse case).
> I think the December meeting is the better option for us. We are not going
> to stand down after the initial report is issued. There is a lot of work to
> be done. It is better, I think, to meet and consider unsettled issues,
> rather than meet to discuss the effect of public comment. If we are serious
> about finishing on time, I don’t think we can stop. So despite the
> inconvenience (and it will be very inconvenient for me), I think we should
> meet sooner rather than later.
> Of course, this all depends on the ICANN meetings team pulling this off,
> which is no small feat,
> Let me know your thoughts, I will write to Nick on Tuesday.
> Best regards,
> Kurt
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