[Gnso-epdp-team] Factual studies starting to shoot down the "going dark" panic

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Perhaps I should have been more precise. I was providing a link to Dave's article simply to provide additional viewpoints.  Dave hits on several topics, but I considered it for inclusion to the list because of the aspects dealing with the 90-days Post GDPR spam analysis.  I certainly did not mean to imply that I am endorsing all his views.

Since you specifically ask, I am of course very concerned about any efforts to (or that could) undermine or pre-empt the efforts of this group.  I would not be here if I didn't think it was crucial work.  I, as well as others I have discussed it with both at GoDaddy (one of whom is on this group) and in SSAC are distinctly opposed to the proposed legislation in question.  I hope you that helps clarify things for you.

Happy to discuss further off-list if desired.

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There is a deeper problem with Piscatello’s reaction to our Aug 29 blog post. Read the title of that blog ("Special interests push U.S. Congress to override ICANN’s Whois policy process") and the article and it’s obvious that our primary point is not the relationship between Whois and spam.

Our point was to call attention to the efforts by some stakeholders to bypass the ICANN process and impose a U.S.-national legislative solution on ICANN.

It’s interesting that Piscatello doesn’t address this. How about you? Do you care about whether the work we are doing will be pre-empted and nullified by US legislation? Do you think it is in bad faith to participate in this PDP seeking consensus and compromise from other stakeholder groups and at the same time pursue legislative action by the USG that would impose your own view upon the MS process?


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Some additional views / points made by Dave Piscatello formerly of ICANN org via http://www.securityskeptic.com/2018/09/post-gdpr-whois-a-myriad-of-misconceptions-misinformation-and-misdirection.html

Post-GDPR WHOIS: A Myriad of Misconceptions, Misinformation and Misdirection<http://www.securityskeptic.com/2018/09/post-gdpr-whois-a-myriad-of-misconceptions-misinformation-and-misdirection.html>
One of the most memorable lyrics of For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield, 1967) aptly describes the current condition of the post-GDPR debate over domain registration data access: There’s battle lines being drawn… nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. Cybersecurity and policy pundits are heatedly engaged over the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Both sides have done a poor job of articulating the problem space, overlooking key aspects of the regulation and ICANN’s attempt to comply to GDPR in a Temporary Specification For Whois. As difficult as it is to engage in this discussion dispassionately, it’s both...

As Benedict mentions… it’s just too soon to say.



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