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Tue Sep 11 12:42:25 UTC 2018

Dear All,

What we are looking for?

Search in various dictionaries to verify

Whether «identifying " and "contacting» are defined? Or

Whether they could interchangeably be used

To identify and to contact are two different things

May you pls kindly advise


On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 2:22 PM Mueller, Milton L <milton at gatech.edu> wrote:

> With that legitimate purpose confirmed, those supporting the removal of
> "identifying” (NCSG and registrars) would be asked to describe how
> including “identifying” unnecessarily reveals personal data that the word
> “contacting” does not.
> MM: Kurt, this should be obvious, but let’s not forget (as everyone
> repeatedly does) that we are talking about PURPOSES and so if a purpose of
> ICANN/Whois data collection is to “identify” registrants to anyone in the
> public then all kinds of data collection would be authorized.
> A brief look at definitions and synonyms for “identifying” indicates that
> it is a manner in which to establish contact - so without being conclusory,
> this might work out the same from a data perspective in either case.
> MM: What? I have been through 4 dictionary and web definitions and have
> not once seen the two equated. Your look was apparently too brief and too
> distorted. Identifying and contacting are not defined in the same way and
> never have been in the identity literature. Think of the occluded email
> address – it allows contact but does not identify.
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