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EPDP Members and Alternates,


Please find attached the first release of the EPDP Fact Sheet.  



This is a summary document (page 1) of the EPDP that highlights Meeting
Activity, Status, Milestone acheivement, and most importantly financial
resources.  Detailed project planning and status can be found via other work
products.  Unique to the Fact Sheet are details of available budget versus
actual spend.


Funding Source & Amount:

On 7 August 2018, Cherine Chalaby of the ICANN Board notified
o-gnso-council-07aug18-en.pdf>  the GNSO Council of supplemental budget
available to execute the EPDP.  In short, $590,000 was allotted to this
effort to cover expenses related to professional services, telcom services,
external experts, face to face travel support, and contingencies.  Detailed
allotment to budget line items can be found in Cherine's letter, as well as,
pages 2 & 3 of the Fact Sheet.


Project Cost Support Team (PCST):

The concept of the PCST was first used for the CCWG on ICANN's
Accountability where funds were allotted to that effort.  The effort will be
replicated here which is a first for the GNSO.  Members of the PCST consist
of EDPD leadership, Council leadership, ICANN Finance and ICANN Policy staff
support.  As noted in Cherine's letter, budget responsibilities lie with
David Olive, SVP of Policy Development, who will coordinate with the PCST in
review of requests and ultimate approval of expenses.


Publication Frequency:

The Fact Sheet will be published shortly after the close of the prior month.
Also note that ICANN Finance will also provide financial reporting that will
compliment the Fact Sheet as actual expenses are entered and reconciled in
ICANN's finance system.


Key Points to Fact Sheet - version1:

.         EPDP Status is a high-level summary of % Time Elapsed and not that
of milestones achieved.  This is a time based statistic because the EPDP and
community have until 24 May 2019 to accomplish the task.  This section also
includes a Budget Spent vs. Committed percentage.  Committed means that
agreements for spend have set in motion, such as supported travel, telcom
services, or contracts signed with vendors.

.         Section I Meeting Stats is a summary of meeting/conference call
hours spent activity.

.         Section II Financial Resources is a break out of budgeted vs.
committed vs. actual expense.  It is divided between professional services
and travel. This first version is intended to show a baseline of the entrire
budget without any expenses.  As noted above, the total amount is $590,000.
However, given the urgency to prepare for the LA face to face, $87,000 shows
as committed.

.         Section III Milestones is a high-level summary of milestones
accomplished by phase including weighting.  The EPDP is essentially broken
down into three primary deliverables: Triage Report, Initial Report, and
Final Report.  Note, that this current version omits milestones relating to
the issue of access as per the charter, the primary deliverbles must be
delivered to meet the 24 May 2019 expiration of the Temporary Specification.

.         Page 2 is a detailed breakout of budget line items releated to
professional services.  While there are funds committed to training, telcom,
and mediation, the commitments and any actuals will not appear until the
September 2018 version of the Fact Sheet.

.         Page 3 is a detailed breakout of budget line items related to
travel support.  As noted above, $87K has been committed in support of the
LA face to face.  Any actuals and the committed funds for Barcelona, ICANN63
will appear in the September version.


Stay tuned for the September version as it will contain much more
information related to in-flight budget activities.  The release should
occur by the close of the first week in October.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you.




Berry Cobb

GNSO Policy Consultant



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