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Kurt Pritz kurt at kjpritz.com
Wed Sep 19 16:58:10 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone: 

Attached is a draft agenda for the Los Angeles meeting. It was developed after a discussion with CBI and the support team - even though the final product is relatively simply. 


1) we plan to focus on very few, key issues where closure must be reached in order to deliver a policy. 

2) there is a great deal of flexibility built in; by focusing on few issues we can choose to extend discussion in any one area if need be.  

There is also great flexibility (on my part) for amending the agenda in any way. Some of you asked to provide significant input into the agenda and this draft is not intended to cut-off any other ideas. So your comments are welcome. 

Basically, the topics covered are: 

1) Elements of the Policy being created that will replace the temporary specification? I.e., to narrow our scope, what is the minimum required to adequately replace the temporary specification with a policy that enables ICANN, contracted parties and others to carry on their activities in a GDPR-compliant way? (This is just 90 minutes at the top of the meeting.)

2) Completing the replacement of section 4.4 - legitimate purposes for processing registration data. 

3) Discussion of the data element themselves: which can be legally collected and which must be related. This will take into account the life-cycle of the data elements and handling of data disclosure to various parties (data escrow providers, registries, dispute resolution providers, others) so that the policy can demonstrate compliance will all aspects of the GDPR. These are essentially Appendix A issues.

That’s it. Again, there is some purposeful ambiguity in the schedule to provide flexibility. If that makes us uncomfortable, we can make the time allotted for each discussion more specific. We’ll make the agenda the subject of our meeting tomorrow. 

Comments very welcome on email or in the meeting. 

Best regards,


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