[Gnso-epdp-team] [Ext] Re: Proposed Agenda - EPDP Team Meeting #37 Thursday 3 January at 14.00 UTC

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Thu Jan 3 07:53:52 UTC 2019

Alan, all,

Please find attached the mind map that provides an overview of the issues that are expected to be addressed in ‘phase 2’ of the EPDP Team’s work, per the EPDP Team’s charter. The Final Report referred to in the agenda refers to the Final Report referenced in the EPDP Team’s charter that is to be produced following the review of the public comments received on the Initial Report ‘on the items related to the Temporary Specification (excluding the Annex)’. The Charter foresees a second Final Report (and Initial Report) that specifically focuses on the issues that are outlined in the mind map. I hope this clarifies that each phase has its own Initial Report and Final Report which focuses on the specific issues per the direction of the EPDP Team Charter. To avoid further confusion, the group could consider referring to the Final Report for phase 1 (Temporary Specification) and Initial & Final Report for phase 2 (System for Standardized Access and Annex issues)?

Best regards,

Caitlin, Berry and Marika

From: Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>
Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 23:49
To: Marika Konings <marika.konings at icann.org>, GNSO EPDP <gnso-epdp-team at icann.org>
Subject: [Ext] Re: [Gnso-epdp-team] Proposed Agenda - EPDP Team Meeting #37 Thursday 3 January at 14.00 UTC

I have a question regarding the nomenclature "Next steps to get to Final Report". We have all along been talking about issues that are within our mandate but do not need to be done and implemented by the magic date in May 2019.

How does this fit with the concept of a "FINAL Report"?

- Will we address these other issues in the FINAL Final Report Or Final Report #2?

- Has the "let's defer it till later" been a code phrase for we are never going to do it?

These other issues are within our scope in the charter but do not seem to have been contemplated in identifying the deliverables.


At 02/01/2019 10:58 AM, Marika Konings wrote:

Dear EPDP Team,

Best wishes for 2019!

Please find below the proposed agenda for the next EPDP Team meeting which is scheduled for Thursday 3 January at 14.00 UTC.

Best regards,

Caitlin, Berry and Marika


EPDP Meeting #37 Agenda
Thursday, 3 January 2018

  1.  Roll Call & SOI Updates (5 minutes)
  2.  Welcome and Updates from EPDP Team Chair (5 minutes)

     *   Update from legal committee
     *   Review of outstanding action items
     *   Other updates, if applicable

  1.  Public Comments on the Initial Report (85 minutes)

     *   High level overview of input received (10 minutes) (see https://community.icann.org/x/R4cWBg)
     *   Review and discuss proposed approach for review of public comments (15 minutes) (see https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-epdp-team/2019-January/001131.html )
     *   Commence review of public comments (60 minutes):

        *   Purpose 1 – EEstablish rights of Registered Name Holder (see PCRT<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/102139731/gnso-EPDP-pcrt-Initial-Report-PURPOSE1_20181228.docx?version=1&modificationDate=1546013426000&api=v2>)
        *   Purpose 3 – Enable communication with Registerred Name Holder (see PCRT<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/102139731/gnso-EPDP-pcrt-Initial-Report-PURPOSE3_20181228.docx?version=1&modificationDate=1546041604000&api=v2>)

  1.  Next steps to get to Final Report (15 minutes)

     *   Preparations for F2F meeting (16-18 January)
     *   Decision-making methodologies / Consensus call process
     *   Final Report development
     *   Timeline

  1.  Wrap and confirm next meeting to be scheduled for Tuesday, 8 January 2019 at 14.00 UTC (5 minutes)

     *   Confirm action items
     *   Confirm questions for ICANN Org, if any

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