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Caitlin Tubergen caitlin.tubergen at icann.org
Mon Jan 7 18:17:31 UTC 2019

Dear EPDP Team,


Based on the feedback received on the mailing list, the leadership team has decided to move forward with two small teams this week who will be tasked with considering the less controversial comment categories and make recommendations for edits (if any) to the existing, agreed-upon recommendations. 
Each group is expected to appoint one main representative to each small team. Other members are also welcome to join, but only the main representative is expected to do the bulk of the talking to ensure that every group has an opportunity to have their views heard. Alternates are only expected to join if they are replacing a member who is not able to attend.
Representatives (and other members joining) are expected to have reviewed the PCRTs for the topics listed for their respective small team below, with the following question in mind: “What comments/arguments provide new information / rationale, if any, that merit group discussion and possible changes / refinements? For each small team, at a minimum, 5 topics listed below are expected to be covered, so please make sure you have reviewed all assigned topics.
At the start of the meeting, the chair will ask the representatives to identify for which purposes and/or recommendations comments / arguments have been identified that merit group discussion so that the small team can deep dive into those and consider possible recommendations for EPDP Team consideration. 
Small team A and B will cover:
Small Team ASmall Team B
Purpose 1 - Establish the rights of a Registered Name Holder Purpose 3 - Enable communication with RNH
Recommendation #15 - URS / UDRPRecommendation #16 - Instructions for RPM PDP WG
Recommendation #18 - Data processing agreements with dispute resolution providers (incl. Question #4)Recommendation #19 - Transfer Policy 
Recommendation #22 - Impact on other policies Purpose 5 - Handling Contractual Compliance
Recommendation #6 - Escrow ProvidersRecommendation #10 - Email communication
Recommendation #12 - Reasonable accessRecommendation #13 - Controller Agreement
Purpose 4 - Safeguarding RNH's Registration Data  Purpose 7 - gTLD registration policy eligibility criteria 
Recommendation #17 - Input from RPM PDP WG to inform subsequent access discussionRecommendation #20 - Input to Transfer Policy review (incl. Question #5)
Purpose 6 - Resolution of DRPsRecommendation #11 - Data retention
Recommendation #14 - Responsible parties 


As noted previously:
Small team member reps are expected to keep their respective groups informed about the deliberations. To do so, some topics discussed during the Tuesday meeting might wrap up during the Thursday meeting so that an interim consultation might take place. 
The plenary is expected to grant great deference to the findings of the small teams. If a member of the plenary has an interest in a certain topic and is not included on that small team, that member is expected to contact her/his group’s small team member prior to the Tuesday meeting to provide input. [Rationale: if we re-litigate each small group conclusion, this approach will decrease our efficiency rather than the opposite.]
In reviewing the input received, EPDP Team members are expected to look at the comments in their totality and not advocate for a comment that has been submitted by his / her respective group (an EPDP Team member may explain a certain position, if asked by another team member). [Rationale: the same deference must be paid to comments made by those without representative team members.]
During the small team calls, the Chair and Vice-Chair will endeavor to represent the comments not belonging to an SO/AC or SG/C. Because these comments do not have a specific advocate within the EPDP Team, the small team members should take care to pay close attention to the comments and accompanying rationales.
Please note that separate call notifications will be sent shortly to provide the details for both small team meetings which will run in parallel. Make sure to co-ordinate with your respective groups which small team to join. 


Best regards,


Marika, Berry, and Caitlin

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