[Gnso-epdp-team] face to face meeting details

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
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I agree, and thanks Marc for proposing.

I’d also propose we have some sort of limitations/constraints on verbal statements.  This could mean a shot clock (2-3 min), not allowing folks to re-enter the queue once they’ve spoken on the topic, not allowing folks to introduce a new topic while there’s a queue behind them, or some combination of all of the above.  :)

Thanks, and safe travels everyone.

James Bladel

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Hi Kurt

I’d like to support Marc’s constructive and thoughtful suggestions.

Best wishes, and see you next week (drones permitting)!


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Kurt and leadership team,

As we prepare for the face to face meeting in Toronto next week I have a couple suggestions/requests.

Managing the queue: can we please use Adobe to manage the queue?  In LA and especially in Barcelona Adobe wasn’t used which led to issues that we just don’t have when using Adobe.  We are all used  to using Adobe, lets stick with that for the face to face.

Adobe Chat: along similar lines, in Barcelona, Adobe chat was either discouraged or not available.  As a result we had much longer queues.  It also led to many cases of jumping the queue to “correct the record”.  I know chairing or otherwise facilitating a meeting and keeping up with chat is essentially impossible, but the meeting chat is a valuable tool and helps move discussions along.  We are all used to using Adobe chat and I thought not having it in Barcelona hampered progress.  Also I think everyone understands when the chair has to pause to catch up on chat.

Breaks and meeting pauses: On yesterday’s Team B call initially when we got to the discussion on Purpose 5 (compliance) no one had any comments.  Kudos to Brian who suggested we pause for 5 minutes so people could review.  It wasn’t an issue of Team B members not being prepared, we just have a lot of topics and issues on our plates and needed a moment.  We ended up having an excellent discussion following the 5 minute pause and generally agreed to revised language for the recommendation.  When considering the agenda for the face to face, please make sure you are accounting for time for people to take breaks, sync up with team members and refresh their memories on discussion topics.


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