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Volker Greimann vgreimann at key-systems.net
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Hi Janis,

it feels like an oversight, but it appears the RrSG is not represented 
in this group. To correct this oversight, I hereby volunteer.

Best regards,

Volker Greimann

Am 31.05.2019 um 19:38 schrieb Janis Karklins:
> Dear EPDP Team,
> Further to the discussion in our recent meeting, please find an 
> outline of the approach to handling legal questions and the 
> chair-appointed members of the Legal Advisory Group.
> Those of you who participated in Phase 1 will remember we established 
> a Legal Committee to review and revise proposed legal questions to 
> ensure:
> (1) the questions are truly legal in nature, as opposed to policy or 
> policy implementation questions;
> (2) the questions are phrased in a neutral manner, avoiding both 
> presumed outcomes as well as constituency positioning;
> (3) the questions are both apposite and timely to the EPDP Team’s 
> work; and
> (4) the limited budget for external legal counsel is being used 
> responsibly.
> In order to forward these goals, I proposed that I work together with 
> a small team of chair-appointed legal experts to review legal 
> questions as they come in. The membership of this team is not 
> representative, but expertise based. Members of the Legal Advisory 
> Group are asked to provide advice based on their legal experience, 
> factoring in all aspects of the conversation, not only that of their 
> respective constituency. It is important to state that any output of 
> deliberations of the Legal Advisory Group will be shared with the EPDP 
> Team for review and agreement.
> At this time, I do not anticipate a weekly meeting schedule; the Legal 
> Advisory Group will meet on an as-needed basis. The meetings will be 
> open to anyone from the EPDP Team who would like to attend; however, 
> only the chair-appointed legal experts will be invited to speak.
> I have also asked EPDP Support Staff to provide a recommendation for 
> an initial categorization of the clarifying legal questions received. 
> Specifically, Support Staff has reviewed the questions to determine:
> 1.if the questions relate to Phase 2 issues identified in the Mind 
> Map, i.e., charter questions, questions in the Annex: Important Issues 
> for Further Community Action, or issues deferred from Phase 1.
> 2.If the question is NOT related to the EPDP Team’s Phase 2 work, it 
> will not be reviewed further. If the question does relate to Phase 2 
> work, Support Staff will align the question with the relevant Phase 2 
> issue and determine if the Phase 2 issue is a Priority 1 or a Priority 
> 2 item.
> 3.Priority 1 questions, or questions related to a system for 
> standardized access/disclosure, will be reviewed first.
> 4.Priority 2 items will be moved to the corresponding worksheets for 
> further discussion following EPDP Team agreement on the scope and 
> expected deliverable of the topic.
> 5.Once the initial parameters are agreed to, the Legal Advisory Group 
> can better determine necessary legal guidance (if any) and will begin 
> working on the Priority 1 questions identified.
> I have asked the following members to the Team to donate their time to 
> the Legal Advisory Group:
> Laureen Kapin
> Brian King
> Margie Milam
> Thomas Rickert
> Kristina Rosette
> Tatiana Tropina
> I invited these individuals due to their legal expertise, but also 
> that they would provide diverse views to ensure that the different 
> perspectives on the EPDP Team will be considered.
> Legal Advisory Group’s activities will be supported by ICANN staff and 
> ICANN Org liaison (Legal) will attend the meetings and will be 
> engaging with the Group when asked.
> You will find an updated table with Support Staff’s preliminary 
> recommendations attached.
> Thank you
> JK
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