[Gnso-epdp-team] Accreditation Building block follow up

Anderson, Marc mcanderson at verisign.com
Thu Oct 17 18:10:22 UTC 2019


I'm writing to follow up on the 17 Oct working group discussion on the Accreditation building block:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zAEBygpoddKOJOfb1whMtaQHcik856aZZc9BoDk392E/edit

Specifically I want to bring up principle f) which currently reads:

The SSAD MUST accommodate requests for access/disclosure from non-accredited organizations or individuals, irrespective of the ultimate accreditation framework;

On the call I didn't object to this principle but raised that from my perspective the important point isn't that SSAD MUST accommodate accredited and non-accredited requests but rather that SSAD MUST be accessible to everyone.  If the way to accomplish that is for SSAD to support requests from accredited and non-accredited users, then I'm ok with that.  I would also be ok with an SSAD system that supports only accredited users, provided that everyone has equivalent opportunity to become accredited.

My recollection is that the principle that SSAD MUST accommodate requests from accredited and non-accredited users came about because it wasn't clear at the time that every potential SSAD user would have an opportunity to be accredited.  It's not clear to me at this point that we've sufficiently established what accreditation system will be in place to be able to say if accreditation will be available to everyone or not.

I raise this again because it was pointed out on the call that an SSAD system that needs to support accredited and non-accredited users will be more complicated (both from a technical implementation perspective and from a decision to disclose perspective) than one that only supports accredited users.

What are other's thoughts on this?  Is there support to change this principle to SSAD MUST be open to all organizations and individuals and making a determination on how this will be accomplished (via an SSAD system that supports accredited and non-accredited users, or making accreditation a pre-requisite but available to everyone) once accreditation is further flushed out?



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