[Gnso-epdp-team] For your review - proposal for an SSAD Hybrid able to evolve to a Centralized and Automated Model + agenda for Thursday's meeting

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 22 02:09:40 UTC 2020

Thank you for the updated (Chameleon) SSAD Model. It is a great improvement.

That being said, I have three comments:

1. We use the term "Authorization Provider" (Auth-P) in our core work, but it is absent here. It is important that we stick to consistent terminology and use the terms we define, further elaborating that the Auth-P could be a CP or a component of the SSAD itself.

2. I went to some length to describe how it may be possible to seed the SSAD with request prototypes for which there is agreement that they can be handled in an automated fashion. I understand that it is quite possible that we might not find any such cases to which CPs feel comfortable, but if we do not try, it will certainly not happen. And if we do not document the process in our report, it will never happen.

3. The first bullet point on page 1 talks about "shifting liability". I have long believed that we could make a strong case for ICANN being the sole controller since ICANN sets the rules under which registrant data is handled (this EPDP). I accept that not many agree with me. However, there is far more support for ICANN and CP being joint controllers. To borrow a line from the NCSG, after nearly 18 months of grueling work on behalf of this EPDP and ICANN Org, we still have not determined what the controller relationship is nor have we seemingly even attempted to draft a joint controller agreement. Such an agreement might well ASSIGN some responsibility and therefore liability to ICANN and there would be no need to "shift" liability (which we have repeatedly been told is not likely to happen). To glibly just talk about "shifting liability" does not do this important subject justice.


At 21/01/2020 09:43 AM, Marika Konings wrote:
Dear EPDP Team,

Please find below the proposed agenda for the next EPDP Team meeting which is scheduled for Thursday 23 January at 14.00 UTC.

Also, you will find attached the proposal for an SSAD Hybrid able to evolve to a Centralized and Automated Model. Please consider this proposal with your respective group and come prepared to Thursday’s meeting to share your groups feedback – this will be crucial to prepare for a productive F2F meeting.  Do note that updates to the preliminary recommendations in the proposal only relate to changes that would bring the preliminary recommendations in line with the proposal described in the document – other comments and/orr highlights have been removed for ease of reading and will be considered after the group’s review of the proposal.

Best regards,

Caitlin, Berry and Marika

EPDP Phase 2 - Meeting #41
Proposed Agenda
Thursday, 23 January 2020 at 14.00 UTC

1.                            Roll Call & SOI Updates (5 minutes)

2.                            Confirmation of agenda (Chair)

3.                            Welcome and housekeeping issues (Chair) (5 minutes)
a)                      Update from the legal committee
b)                     ICANN follow up on Belgian DPA response to Strawberry letter – see qquestions suggested by Marc Anderson:
·      Is ICANN expecting an additional communication on the Strawberry letter?
·      Would ICANN org like feedback from the EPDP Team before it meets with the Belgian DPA?

4.       Introduction of Proposal for an SSAD Hybrid able to evolve to a Centralized and Automated Model (“The Chameleon”)
a)                      Staff overview
b)                     EPDP Team reactions
c)                      Confirm next steps

5.                            Plans for F2F meeting in Los Angeles
a)                     Leadership Priorities
b)                     EPDP Team input
c)                      Confirmation of expected homework / preparations by EPDP Team for the LA F2F meeting
d)                     Confirm next steps

6.                            Continue review of issues list (those items not dependent on item #4), if time allows
a)                     See highlighted items on the issue list (to be circulated)
b)                     EPDP Team input
c)                      Confirm next steps

7.                            Wrap and confirm next EPDP Team meeting (5 minutes):
a)                      Monday 27 January 2020 at 9.00 local time at the ICANN office
b)                     Confirm action items
c)                      Confirm questions for ICANN Org, if any

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