[GNSO-EPDPP2-SmallTeam] “SSAD Light Design Concept” paper from Eleeza Agopian

Sebastien at registry.godaddy Sebastien at registry.godaddy
Wed Apr 6 12:51:06 UTC 2022

Dear EPDP Phase 2 Small Team members,

Eleeza Agopian shared the attached proposition overnight.

I invite you to read and comment it ahead of our Council Meeting on 14 April. The topic is on the agenda and I will relay your feedback during the discussion.
Please find here the Google Doc version to capture your comments: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HUAbS3zuvXVu0hxdpcmspOWpPe36gvUQ/edit#<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HUAbS3zuvXVu0hxdpcmspOWpPe36gvUQ/edit>

Going forward Marika and I worked on the following proposed timeline:

  1.  Share ICANN org’s “SSAD Light Design Concept” with small team and request any initial reactions / comments in advance of the GNSO Council meeting (prior to 14 April);
  2.  Council meeting on 14 April to confirm proposed approach and timing;
  3.  Council leadership to confirm outcome of Council meeting to ICANN org (assuming green light) and send response to the ICANN Board letter including Preliminary Report and expected next steps & timing;
  4.  ICANN org to deliver “SSAD Light Design” to small team by / around 3 June;
  5.  Small team to review proposed “SSAD Light Design” (possible joint sessions with ICANN org) in 6-27 June timeframe;
  6.  Small team to deliver final responses to GNSO Council by 30 June.
  7.  GNSO Council to consider small team responses and decide on next steps (21 July Council meeting)

Suggestions and comments are of course always welcome.


Sebastien Ducos
GoDaddy Registry | Senior Client Services Manager
France & Australia
sebastien at registry.godaddy<mailto:sebastien at registry.godaddy>

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