[Gnso-igo-ingo-crp] Pushing towards the final report

Paul Keating Paul at law.es
Tue Jun 12 16:04:15 UTC 2018

will be on the call.  Just waiting for Adobe update to load.

On 6/12/18, 4:59 PM, "Gnso-igo-ingo-crp on behalf of George Kirikos"
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>Hi folks,
>As we push towards a final report, I thought it would be wise to
>invest the time to double-check our (amended) charter:
>(just like I double-checked parts of our initial public report from
>January 2017 last night) to make sure we've covered everything. I
>think we've actually done what we were supposed to do in the charter
>(I'll re-read it again later more carefully, but others might want to
>do the same, if they haven't thought of this).
>Given the expected scrutiny from the GAC/IGOs, it might be prudent to
>add sentences here and there in the Final Report, to document that we
>did cover each and every topic some (or maybe in an appendix). e.g.
>something like (from page 3)
>"The potential need to clarify whether the URS is a Consensus Policy
>binding on ICANN¹s contracted parties;"
>Well, we know it's not a consensus policy (although someday it might
>be, depending on the RPM PDP). A sentence in the final report might
>dispatch that item.
>An item like "The need to address the issue of cost to IGOs and INGOs
>to use curative processes; and"
>is easy, since that forms part of a recommendation (i.e.
>Recommendation 4), which may or may not reach consensus.
>The item "The potential need to distinguish between a legacy gTLD and
>a new gTLD launched under the New gTLD Program;"
>isn't hard, i.e. no real distinction, except that the URS applies only
>to new gTLDs (for now), and that there was also the old reserved list
>for IGOs in new gTLDs (and an upcoming policy and/or recently approved
>(not sure if it was implemented yet) policy that made another reserved
>list for IGOs in all gTLDs)
>Maybe a 2-column table can be made, with the items on page 3-4 in the
>first column, and then a cross-reference to either the final report
>page(s) that cover that topic, or alternatively,  cross-references to
>the Wiki or Mailing List archives, etc.
>Anyhow, this would be "dotting the i's and crossing the t's" for the
>final report. But, it would demonstrate that we've been diligent.
>George Kirikos
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