[gnso-igo-wt] Updated Recommendation #3

BECKHAM Brian brian.beckham at wipo.int
Fri Feb 11 15:33:04 UTC 2022

Thanks Berry, Staff,

After some initial discussion, from IGOs perspective, we think this could work (we are still engaged in some broader IGO consultations however).

We are keen to hear if others share that view, or if there may any specific aspect that others find still merits adjustment and/or discussion.  And if so, in the hopes we could still consult internally before Monday’s call, what those may be.


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Dear EPDP,

Please find attached a revised draft of Recommendation #3. This will be 2nd on our agenda after we do a pass of the other comments submitted for the Initial Report.

Staff tried to keep changes minimal and the text straightforward while addressing what we understood to be the concerns and requests that various EPDP team members voiced on the last call. We’ve also included brief explanatory text to add further context to the recommendation.

Thank you.


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