[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Actions/Discussion Notes: New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP WG 05 March 2018

Julie Hedlund julie.hedlund at icann.org
Mon Mar 5 16:13:01 UTC 2018

Dear WG Members,


Please see below the action items and discussion notes captured by staff from the meeting on 05 March 2018. These high-level notes are designed to help PDP WG members navigate through the content of the call and are not meant as a substitute for the transcript or recording.  The MP3, transcript, and chat room notes will be provided separately.


For reference see also the attached slides. 


Best regards,



Julie Hedlund, Policy Director



Actions/Discussion Notes




1. Begin the planning for the PDP WG meetings at ICANN62 in Panama City, and add this topic to the slides for the meeting with the GNSO Council on 11 March.

2. Take the list of topics in the Initial Report structure and send it to the WG to review in case we missed any topics (see attached).




1. SOI Updates:  No updates.


2) Work Track updates:


Work Track 1: 

-- Going through all of the topics and trying to make sure we reflected feedback from the calls and the CC2 responses.

-- Getting that text into the Initial Report.

-- Call scheduled for 06 March is TBD.


Work Track 3:

-- Finished meetings and going through topics.

-- Making sure we've captured all of the input.

-- Putting the language into the Initial Report.


Work Track 4:

-- Looked at preparing text for the Initial Report.

-- Discussed Registry Testing System.

-- Preparing topics for Puerto Rico.

-- Name Collisions also will be a topic -- ICANN Board resolution on a longer term study.  See: Draft Project Plan for Name Collision Analysis: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/ncap-project-plan-2018-03-02-en


Work Track 5:

-- Going through the different categories of Geographic names in the Applicant Guidebook.  Identifying pros and cons.

-- Looking at how we may want to consider doing the same thing in future or changing the AGB.  Addressing variations between the initial policy work and the final AGB content.

-- Look at categories that were not in the AGB.

-- Working Session dedicated to WT5 in San Juan on 14 March 0830.


2) Review of suggested Initial Report structure/planning for ICANN61


Slide 2: Timeline -- Initial Report

Slide 3: Timeline

-- Complete the Final Report by the end of 2018.

-- For the Initial Report we are not doing consensus calls.  We are putting options out for public comment.  Not the time to take a consensus call on one or more of the recommendations.

-- Goal is to get out the Draft Initial Report out by the end of March and then have the WG review it in April.

-- Thinking of changing the meeting schedule to meet every week to help with the review of the Initial Report, starting Monday, 26 March.

-- In the planning for Panama we need to understand if the PDP WG will need a good chunk of the time at ICANN62.

Slide 4: Work Track 1-4 and overarching issues.

Slide 5: Overarching Issues and Work Track Topics

-- Options and open questions have not gone through a consensus call.

Slide 6: Status Update Overview -- Overarching Issues

-- Recommendations on 4 topics.

-- Options/questions on 3 topics.

-- Community Engagement -- a lot of overlap with predictability or where we have tried to get feedback on this PDP.

Slide 7: Status Update Drill-Down -- Overarching Issues

Slide 8: Status Update Overview -- Work Track 1


Structure of the Initial Report (chronological order):

-- Overarching issues

-- Foundational issues

-- Pre-launch activities

-- Application submission

-- Application processing

-- Application evaluation/criteria

-- Dispute proceedings

-- String contention resolution

-- Pre-delegation

-- Contracting

-- Post-delegation


3) AOB: ICANN FY19 Budget:


-- Only a short mention of the Subsequent Procedures PDP, but statement that there are no funds allocated for implementing any GNSO policy on subsequent procedures.

-- FY19 goes from 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

-- If the Board waits until FY20 to allocate funds some think this could delay the launch of the next round.

-- No time for this WG to file formal comments.

-- PDP WG Co-Chairs may file individual comments.


>From the chat: Maxim Alzoba (FAITID): QUESTION: do we, as PDP WG need to file a comment to FY19 on the absence of funds for the next round?

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