[GNSO-TPR] Comments due tomorrow...

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Dear Mike,

Thank you for letting us know about the anticipated timeline for receiving the IPC's comments. All comments are greatly appreciated and as we are early in the process, I am hopeful we can incorporate the IPC comments without too much disruption. The Working Group will begin reviewing and incorporating the written input it receives into the discussion beginning on next week's call. To the extent that a group submits comments after today's deadline, members representing the group will be responsible for making sure that that the group’s input is incorporated into the discussion appropriately, hopefully without interrupting the flow of the deliberations.

We look forward to receiving the IPC’s response.

Kind regards,

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Hi all,

I did not want to waste valuable call time on this issue today.  I should have spoken up earlier about the unreasonable timeframe to require constituency comments be drafted in July.   Anyway now I do need to note that the IPC written comments will not be ready by tomorrow.  We have struggled to coordinate during the July holiday season (for many).  But we are fully in motion now.  We are still taking input and drafting responses, and hope to have a constituency position at least as to the Phase 1 questions in the next 2 or 3 weeks.



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