[GNSO-TPR] ALAC input to the Losing FOA discussion

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Tue Aug 17 12:06:02 UTC 2021

Hi Steinar,

Thanks for sharing this! Did the ALAC team discuss any reasoning that you could pass on to us, so we can understand their concerns and objectives? 


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From: Steinar Grøtterød
Sent: August 17, 2021 3:09 AM
To: Roger D Carney via GNSO-TPR
Cc: ICANN At-Large Staff via CPWG
Subject: [GNSO-TPR] ALAC input to the Losing FOA discussion

Dear Transfer Policy Review PDP members,

The ALAC / At-Large members of the Transfer Policy Review PDP WG have continuously informed the Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) of the work being done by the PDP working group. On the charter questions connected to the Losing Form of Authorization (FOA), the ALAC view is:

* ALAC recommend that the Losing Form of Authorization should still be mandatory in the reviewed transfer policy.

The CPWG has also discussed the option to make the Losing FOA optional. The majority of the CPWG members did not favor this alternative.


Steinar Grøtterød
At-Large member of the Transfer Policy Review PDP WG

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