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Wed Dec 6 22:11:18 UTC 2023

Hi Sarah and TPR WG,

Thank you very much for drafting this message, which we will pass along to Holida and her team. Before we do that though, is there anything else that other Working Group members would like to add or ask of Compliance regarding the metrics they shared? If so, please reply to this thread by EOD Friday (8 December).

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Christian, Caitlin, Berry and Julie

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Subject: [GNSO-TPR] Compliance stats

Hi Holida and team, thanks for providing the transfer complaint stats that we reviewed on today's call.

I'd like to understand how many complaints there were about unauthorized (a) inter-registrar transfers and (b) ownership updates (COR).

Ideally I'd like to know the total number of complaints (for each) and then also the number that are determined by the Compliance team to be valid and so are sent through to the registrar, and then also the outcome (e.g. maybe the complaint turned out to be invalid after discussion with the registrar, as Theo described on the call).

Also the rate of complaints should be contextualized, but (as mentioned) I'm not sure what is the most relevant context. Is it the # of complaints in other categories, or is it the # of transfer-related complaints, or is it the # of registrar transfers (so e.g. we could say that x% of all transfers involve a Compliance complaint)? I would appreciate your expertise and the group's input on that.


Sarah Wyld, CIPP/E

Policy & Privacy Manager
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swyld at tucows.com<mailto:swyld at tucows.com>
On 2023-11-30 6:32 p.m., Christian Wheeler wrote:
Dear TPR WG members,

Please find below the proposed agenda for our next call, taking place on Tuesday, 05 December 2023 at 16:00 UTC.

We will be joined by Holida Yanik of ICANN Contractual Compliance, who will kindly be providing an overview of Compliance’s Transfer complaint metrics (attached for your reference). We highly recommend that you review this data prior to the call and come prepared with any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all virtually.

Kind regards,
Christian, Caitlin, Berry, and Julie

Transfer Policy Review - Meeting #110
Proposed Agenda
05 December 2023

1. Welcome and Chair updates

2. Transfer complaint metrics with ICANN Contractual Compliance

3. Recap of revised COR Process

4. Discussion of additional security measures

5. AOB


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