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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the questions.

IANA IDs are not defined in the Transfer Policy; this is a unique ID assigned to registrar when it becomes accredited with ICANN org. The list of IANA IDs is managed on this page:   https://www.iana.org/assignments/registrar-ids/registrar-ids.xhtml

The working group has acknowledged that the IANA ID alone may not be meaningful to registrants. The current recommendations state that when the Losing Registrar includes the IANA ID in the Transfer Confirmation and the Notification of Transfer Completion, it also includes "a link to ICANN-maintained webpage listing accredited Registrars and corresponding IANA IDs. If available, the name of the Gaining Registrar(s) may also be included." The expectation is that this will assist the Registrant in identifying the registrar.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Emily.  I have one hopefully quick question.  Is IANA ID defined anywhere in the Policy?  Does it include the name of the Gaining Registrar rather than merely a number that few people would understand?

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Dear working group members,

As discussed on our recent calls, staff had an action item to provide an updated redline revision of the Phase 1A Initial Report to the working group for review. The updated redline is attached and includes:

  *   New edits supported by the working group after reviewing public comments and considering small group outputs.
  *   Updated responses to charter questions and rationales to more fully provide context and reasoning for the WG’s recommendations.
  *   Updates for consistency in terminology, the way that timeframes are referenced, etc.
  *   Discussion of items that the NCSG and SSAC asked the working group to consider, but that the working group determined were out of scope.

Please make sure to review the following, with a particular focus on edits that are new since the 21 December redline. New edits are highlighted in yellow.

  *   Section 3 of the report (pages 11-50)
  *   Annex D (pages 58-63)

Highlights in blue are to assist staff in tracking areas of the report that will need to updated in the future. Working group members can ignore these highlights for now.

Please carefully review this document in coordination with the groups you represent. If you feel that there are items that need to be revised, please enter them here [docs.google.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/docs.google.com/document/d/1eRM4mFGDNYhb0tiD5V_PE4zxnIKfD46esX6EtHeOnEw/edit__;!!PtGJab4!_2POme06lu4MsIzOmyW4etMBYeNlLpbe1eEdgjauP9YA5CBua0gNGWejnTzSEFfd46tinO8LjE0xVDI5ovxMRFrf$>. For each item, please include:

  *   Report version (the date listed in the header of the document) and applicable line numbers ( these are listed along the left margin of the document).
  *   Name and group you represent: If multiple WG members represent a group, input should be in coordination with these other members.
  *   Rationale: please provide a clear explanation for why you are proposing the revision.
  *   Specific proposed revision: Provide the language you would like to see added/removed/edited.

The inputs will be reviewed when the working group returns to considering Phase 1(a) items. Additional information about the timeline for returning to Phase 1(a) will be provided as we progress through discussion of Phase 2 topics.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about the review process.

Kind regards,

 Caitlin, Julie, Berry, and Emily

Emily Barabas
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