[gtld-tech] URS-Technical Requirements conference call

Gustavo Lozano gustavo.lozano at icann.org
Thu Aug 1 00:28:48 UTC 2013

In response to your requests, we are happy to schedule a teleconference to
discuss feedback on the URS-Technical Requirements document sent on 8 July.
The teleconference will focus on the attached document and questions or
concerns you may have related to what is outlined in the requirements
The proposed date and time for the conference call is Wednesday, August 7,
2013 from 20:00:00 to 22:00:00 UTC.
Please login to: http://icann.adobeconnect.com/urs
The requirements for URS are detailed in the AGB pp. 299 to 309.
The proposed topics for discussion are:
€   Communication mechanisms between Registries and URS providers. PGP or
S/MIME to sign emails?.

€  Implementing the URS lock.
€  Domain name life cycle of URS locked and suspended domain names.
€  How the URS lock affects the "normal" business processes of Registrars.
€  Interaction between Registries and Registrars. Is EPP support required?
€   Redirection and storing the current state of the domain name for the
If you feel that other topics should be addressed during the conference call
please propose them and I will add them to the list of topics.
If you want to send alternative proposals that comply with the requirements
in the AGB, feel free to send those to the list and we can discuss them
during the conference call.

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