[gtld-tech] Second version of the URS High Level Technical Requirements for Registries and Registrars

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Fri Aug 30 15:35:22 UTC 2013

As the second version still shows issues that the community addressed in the past for domain registrations, it seems to us that registries should handle URS providers the same ways they handle domain registrars: thru EPP. 
URS providers could have proper EPP credentials that would allow them to make a limited set of transformations (URS Suspension, URS Lock, URS Roll-back) to every domain in the registry (except for mandatory domains like NIC or WHOIS). 

Everything we are trying to do with e-mail have already been done with a higher degree of process integrity thru EPP. 


Em 27/08/2013, às 18:22:000, Gustavo Lozano escreveu:

> Colleagues,
> Attached you will find the second version of the "URS High Level Technical Requirements for Registries and Registrars" and a redline version of the document.
> This second version incorporates the feedback obtained from the conference call on August 07.
> We appreciate your feedback. Please send your feedback to the list or in private.
> Based on the feedback in this list, a new conference call may be required or this version may be published as the final version.
> Registry Operators will know the name servers deployed by the URS providers soon, in order to allow Registry Operators to create host objects (if necessary).
> Thank you,
> Gustavo
> <IRI_54420_v3_ICANN _ URS _ Technical Requirements Draft Final 26-08-2013.pdf><IRI_54420_v3_ICANN _ URS _ Technical Requirements Draft Final 26-08-2013-redline.pdf>

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