[gtld-tech] Specification 5 - Country names... again..

Vishal Jain veesh at google.com
Thu Dec 5 16:17:16 UTC 2013

Hey Guys, Veesh here from Charleston Road Registry. Big thanks all who
helped curate the GitHub repository. Out of curiosity, is the current text
in the Github section 4.3 based on the data pulled directly from UN
contacts by Luis or the machine translated text mentioned by John?


On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 1:18 PM, Colosi, John <jcolosi at verisign.com> wrote:

> Alexander Mayrhofer wrote:
> >> Therefore, could you please clarify whether the file that's now on the
> Github was produced by translation engines, or taken from said document? I
> think that's a significant impact on whether or not that file is usable to
> cover ICANN's requirement.
> Thanks for your comments @Alex.  The file submitted by Verisign to satisfy
> Specification 5.4.3 was created using automatic translation of the English
> Language names of the 193 UN Member states.
> @Alex, if you have a less-error prone method of arriving at a solution,
> Verisign would invest some time in reworking the data.  But cutting and
> pasting from the PDF seems error prone.  We would need a programmatic
> solution to consuming those records.  And records meant to be consumed
> programmatically are not generally encoded in PDF.  But again, we're open
> to ideas.
> -- John
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