gtld-tech Clarifications to the registry monthly transactions report for new gTLDs

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Thank you for providing an updated report specification. Upon review, we have identified several areas that we believe warrant further clarification. Your reply is appreciated.

1- Please clarify whether the 1 year extension to the registration period resulting from a successful transfer is counted in the net-renews-1-yr column.

2- Please confirm that the net-renews-1-yr field reports on the number of transactions, not the number of domains, i.e. a domain repeatedly renewed for one year will not be reported as 1.

3- We note that inconsistencies may be observed in the report with respect to the number of transfers. For us, a domain that is transferred will have a 5-day transfer grace period. The deletion of the domain during this period will not result in the increment of the transfer-gaining-successful field, even though the transfer‐losing-successfully field will be incremented (grace period is not considered for losing). Reports will have accurate domains transferred out statistics, however can never have accurate domains transferred in statistics. Please confirm this is the intended behaviour.

4- Please confirm the restored-domains field considers only those transactions where the restore report has been processed, reported in the month that the report was processed, i.e. requests to restore the domain, where the report is pending should not be counted in the report. Furthermore, please clarify that the restored-domains field reports on the number of transactions that have occurred, not the number of domains, i.e. a domain repeatedly deleted and restored would not be reported as 1.

5- Please confirm that the agp-exemption-requests should be counted in the month the request is submitted, and the agp-exemptions-granted and agp-exempted-domains are counted in the month the exemption is granted. Note that this means that exemption numbers may span monthly reports.

6- The specification uses the terms "domain", "domain name" and "name", seemingly interchangeably. Our preference would be the use of "domain" as this best corresponds to the "domain object" modelled in registry databases.

7- Part A, Section 6 of the IRTP provides mechanisms for the registry operator to undo a transfer under certain circumstances. Please confirm that transfer undo's are not counted (positively or negatively) in this report, even though initiated by the registrar. Furthermore, please confirm that bulk transfers, performed in accordance with Part B of the IRTP, are excluded from this report.

James Mitchell / Product Owner
ARI Registry Services

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each of the fields mean.
> We are looking to see if the new proposed text
makes clearer the intent
> on
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> Thursday,
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