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Francisco Obispo fobispo at isc.org
Tue Jul 9 05:29:54 UTC 2013


Yes and no.

Most people will think of the Internet as the web, and it has nothing to do with traffic. Most people don't know that e-mail is a protocol, they get their email from the web, so why would they care?

But in the strict sense, yes….

In fact, how would registries deal with HTTPS connections and certificates? or should we be ONLY serving a URS page on top of HTTP?


On Jul 8, 2013, at 9:07 PM, rob.golding at astutium.com wrote:

> No-one with more than half-a-clue has ever assumed web == internet, and in reality web is an insignificant part of the internet ... Based on a simple protocol analysis of ~30Gb/s of transit, web/http/https is *under 4%* of "internet traffic".

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