[gtld-tech] gtld-tech URS technical requeriments

Matt Keenan matt at tldassets.com
Tue Jul 9 09:05:19 UTC 2013

On 09/07/13 01:29, Gustavo Lozano wrote:
> GL - There are several ideas floating around regarding the
> technical requirements of the URS provider, if you want to provide
> feedback,
> you can send it to the list or to me.
> We appreciate your feedback.
> The MX 0 . approach appears to be well supported in MTAs
> (even if not formal standardized) and should be easy to implement and
> maintain from
> the URS provider perspective.
Since the kinds of people who typo squat probably don't care about 
setting up MTAs properly, and probably care less for standards; how do 
we prevent them abusing partitions, slow networks, and/or high pre-URS 
TTLs to "guide" emails to their servers that don't/won't respect a lower 
level MX record? Wouldn't it be easy enough for the typo squatters to 
"pre-cache" the MX / A records on major ISP's recursive servers at the 
time of registration with very high TTLs to circumvent this strategy?


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