[gtld-tech] TMCH SMD Application Priorities

Mike O'Connell mike at dnservices.co.za
Tue Nov 12 05:01:42 UTC 2013


I know this might be more of a policy than a technical issue but I had some questions around application priorities. 

We're going to be ranking applications based on a few different factors in the following priorities. 

Regional Trade Marks, Regional Court Orders, Treaties or Statutes
Other Trade Marks
Other Court Orders
Regional Unregistered Marks
Other Unregistered Marks

Where 'regional' is the region for which the gTLD is intended to service.  

The technical part comes from the SMD and the TreatyOrStatute section, specifically the 'protection' element. There exist certain 'global' treaties or statutes, how will these be represented in the SMD? Will SMDs for 'champagne' or 'bordeaux' have a protection 'cc' entry for all countries of the world. 

I would like to, ideally, split the 'Treaties or Statues' on 'Regional' and 'Other' but I'm not sure about the 'global' treaty and statute's protection.

Apologies if this is slightly off topic for the gtld-tech list, I couldn't really place the query between tmch-tech and gtld-tech.




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