[gtld-tech] Specification 5 - Country names... again..

rob.golding at astutium.com rob.golding at astutium.com
Wed Nov 27 04:18:14 UTC 2013

> Perhaps there are people who are more familiar with these countries who
> can offer guidance? My personal feeling is that it would be better 
> (from
> a layer 10 POV) to block too many variants than too few.

Why are they (potentially) being blocked at all ?

What's the justification for denying (real examples) customers I have of
John Laos
from registering laos.(something) - the .com is up for some silly amount 
of money on sedo and he has his name in other tlds

and Samantha Keeling
from keeling.(something)

It's bad enough provisions were put in place for the IOC and 
RedCross/Lion/Sun/Crescent wihout any real precendent or legality - with 
Red Lion being the 2nd most popular pub name in the UK and Red Cross 
being the name of *thousands* of roads and locations throughout the 

Extending that with all this other tripe just spreads the madness.


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