[gtld-tech] Specification 5 - Country names... again..

Colosi, John jcolosi at verisign.com
Wed Nov 27 19:13:09 UTC 2013

Thanks for setting up the github site Gavin.  (https://github.com/centralnic/spec5-reserved-names)

Some observations:
1. There are 12 items in S5.4.2.txt that end with a hyphen.  These names are not dns compatible.  It may have been an issue in processing.  I think the trailing hyphen can be removed.  (фиджи- for example)

2. I've attached Verisign's spreadsheet for section 5.4.3 (UN Member States and translations).  There are 7 languages (including both traditional and simplified Chinese).  Spaces and hyphens are tricky.  The issue is that translation engines (here I mostly use Google's service) will often handle spaces intelligently.  For instance, "Central African Republic" translated to Russian becomes "Центрально-Африканская Республика".  That is, a hyphen is introduced for the first space. I presume this is a standard for the "Central" modifier.  You could choose to create a variant without any hyphens or spaces, or you could try all the permutations of hyphens and spaces.  Instead of heading down that rabbit hole, we elected to yield to the translation wherever possible.  But we'll respect the group decision and update our implementation accordingly.

3.  I think we can change S5.5-igos.txt to s5.6-igos.txt.  Intergovernmental orgs are under bullet 6. 

Again, I appreciate this effort.  Thanks Gavin,
-- John

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