[gtld-tech] host attributes issue

Loesje Hermans loesje.hermans at dnsbelgium.be
Tue Dec 16 17:00:59 UTC 2014

Dear Francisco,

After the conf call on the WHOIS clarifications I would like to clarify the issues we experience with host attributes and the current specs from ICANN about WHOIS.

Since we are using the host attributes instead of host objects, we do not have a sponsoring registrar for hosts.
According to the spec 4 of the registry agreement we do need to output these data in case of a nameserver query. In case we have a domain name in the zone that holds glue for a certain host, we could use the data of the sponsoring registrar of that domain name to output in the results of the nameserver query. But that will definitely not be the case for every host. What to display for the fields ‘Registrar’, ‘WHOIS server’ and ‘Referral URL’ in those cases?

We also have no ROIDs for hosts. That leaves us with the only option of implementing clarification 32 and return all matching records. This will look weird since we have no data to fill in except for the Server name and the IP Address. As mentioned before, we do not have sponsoring registrars so the rest of the output fields will remain empty or will not be shown.
Registrars will be enforced to specify glue when they specify a nameserver in the same domain as the domain name. Therefor we can only have multiple matches when performing a WHOIS query on IP address.
Wouldn’t it be more logic to show all possible server names without any other keys in this case? Since the search was on IP, it is not really needed to output this IP address in every record. It would shorten the output and narrow it down to the relevant information.

Kind regards,

Loesje Hermans
Functional Analyst
+32 16 29 89 23

DNS Belgium vzw/asbl
Ubicenter - Philipssite 5, bus 13 - 3001 Leuven

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