[gtld-tech] Name Collision Addendum - "Affected Names"

Kal Feher Kal.Feher at ariservices.com
Tue Nov 25 21:57:23 UTC 2014

We are able to access the SURL, without having any QLPs. It doesn't appear to be restricted by TLD specific launch details as far as I can tell. But I haven't tested very much.


The path and file is discussed here.

Kal Feher
ARI Registry Services

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I've been reading through the Name Collision Occurrence Assessment Addendum, and one of the key issues seems to identify the "Affected Names" subset of the SLD block list.

The Addendum specifies that "Affected Names" are "names that were included in the SLD Block list .... and recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse ... that registry operator withheld from allocation during the Sunrise period", so it's a set operation between three lists. The SLD Block list as well as the list of names that registry operator withheld from allocation during Sunrise are known to the registry.

However, the third list ("recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse") is unknown to the registry operator, and the DNL is only an approximation. I do understand that such a list actually exists in the TMCH (the "SMDL", as far as i know?), however, this list is only available to registries that were granted a qualified launch program.

Therefore, how would a registry that has not applied for a Qualified Launch Program access the SMDL to subsequently build the list of "Affected Names"? Does ICANN intend to release the SMDL to all registries?


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